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....Some interesting photo's. 
The photo above shows sharp points on this horses upper
teeth and ulceration to the cheek caused by those sharp points.
The rider had started having some problems with the horse pulling
 and snatching at the bit.
Routine treatment (floating/rasping) corrected this.
Horse and rider were happy again and regular,routine treatment
 prevented the same thing happening again.

The photo above shows a very large ulcerated area on the cheek towards the back of this horses mouth caused again by sharp points on the molar teeth.
The horse , not surprisingly , was unhappy when being ridden and had started dropping feed.
This was treated by routine floating (rasping) and prevented from
 recurring by regular routine visits there after.

This pony was used for the Riding for the Disabled Association and had started acting out of character,shaking his head and bucking.
As you can see he had a large overgrowth on his upper back tooth which had ulcerated his tongue and was causing him alot of pain.
After removal of the sharp overgrowth with power tools the pony returned to work with the RDA.
With regular routine dental work he now remains happy and pain free.